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“I have been seeing beers I didn't know existed!”
Don't know what to drink tonight? Not sure which case to pick up? We're here to help.

Beer Prophet will recommend beers just for you.

Every one of our beers has a unique flavor profile - what kind of hops is used, what type of barley, spices, fruits, etc. Our Beer Decision Engine analyzes your ratings and then recommends to you beers that you will enjoy. The more you rate, the better the recommendations become.

The Beer Decision Engine can tell you if you'll like a beer before you buy it! Looking for something malty? We can help with that too.

An Encyclopedia of Beer in Your Hands

Learn about every beer in our system. What style? Where's it from? What's the average rating from other Beer Prophet users? Find more information about the brewery.

Don't have immediate access to this beer? Not to worry, Beer Prophet can show you a list of similar beers.

Be sure to see the list of winners from the Great American Beer Festival!

Your Beer Journal

Keep track of all your beer related exploits in your own Beer Journal. Quickly find your most favorite beers. Write down tasting notes. Take a picture of that tasty beverage so you can remember how you first enjoyed it.

Local Breweries

Beer Prophet lets you learn about all the breweries themselves. View their entire menu and then locate them on a map. Take a look around and locate other breweries near you.

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Share your notes and ratings of beers you've tasted with your friends!
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Discuss brewing, events, and new releases on our general forums or voice your opinion for each beer.

See what others are up to in our Beer Lounge.

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